What Is a Smoking Cessation Product, and Will It Help Me Quit?

Quitting smoking can be difficult, largely in part because of nicotine, which is a substance that’s found in almost all tobacco products. That nicotine addiction can make it hard to kick your smoking habit, even if you already know the serious health risks linked to smoking — and this is where a smoking cessation product can help.

How to Quit Smoking with Smoking Cessation Products

A smoking cessation product is something you use in order to help reduce the withdrawal symptoms of smoking when trying to quit. It slowly eases you from the physical dependence on cigarettes. Smoking cessation products, like Nicorette Coated Lozenges, contain nicotine and are called nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), which provides you with a controlled dose of nicotine without the harmful chemicals found in tobacco products like cigarettes.

According to the American Cancer Society, if you smoke more than one pack a day, need a cigarette within five minutes of waking up in the morning, smoke even when you’re ill, or find yourself waking up at night to smoke, these are all signs of a serious nicotine dependence, and a smoking cessation product can really help, roughly doubling your chances of success when it comes to quitting smoking.

It’s important to remember that a smoking cessation product only helps with the physical dependence on smoking. While NRT can slowly reduce your nicotine addiction, helping you wean off the effects of cigarettes, it may not be the only form of treatment you’ll need to stop smoking. It’s often recommended that smoking cessation products be used in tandem with counseling, whether those services be provided in person or over the phone.

This will help you get over the emotional and mental addictions that come with smoking and will increase your success in sticking to your new, healthy lifestyle.

Do Smoking Cessation Products Work?

While many people can use smoking cessation products to help them quit smoking safely, there are a number of individuals who may not. For example, if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, only use this medicine on the advice of your health care provider.

Your doctor or pharmacist is the best person to advise you based on your medical history and present state of health. We specifically recommend you ask a doctor before use if you have:

  • Heart disease, recent heart attack, or irregular heartbeat. Nicotine can increase your heart rate.
  • High blood pressure not controlled with medication. Nicotine can increase your blood pressure.

Also, ask a doctor or pharmacist before using if you are:

  • Using a non-nicotine stop-smoking drug.
  • Using prescription medicine for depression or asthma. Your prescription dose may need to be adjusted.

Lastly, If you smoke your first cigarette more than 30 minutes after waking up, use Nicorette 2mg.

Look for the best choice for you so you can get the help you need to say “bye!” to cigarettes for good.

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