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No matter where you are in your quit journey, quitting is a challenge — especially if you’re trying to quit alone. But, with a community like MyQuit™, you never have to quit alone, and you’ll always have a partner in quit right in your corner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to invite your friends to join MyQuit™, go to Profile > Settings > Share app, and choose the platform you would like to share it on.

You can also share your achievements with friends by showing the badges you have earned. Go to Badges and Coupons > Select your Chosen Badge/Coupon > Share.

To edit your profile information, Go into >Profile in the navigation at the bottom of your screen.

If you would like to change your personal details (e.g.:Name), click on >Edit Profile. Click the Save button to save your information.

If you would like to adjust your start date, click on >MyQuitTM plan and select a new date and adjust the product you are interested in using. Click on the ‘Help Me Choose’ button if you would like to access the suggestion tool. Click on the ‘Submit’ button when you are done. In your Profile section, you can also access and change your number of cigarettes you smoked per day (click on >Cigarette use), your “What’s your why?” (click on “What’s your why?” image), take a tour, and access the FAQ.

Click on your ‘iWatch’ app on your phone and scroll down to find the ‘MyQuit’ app listed.
Click on the ‘MyQuit’ app and activate the setting to ‘Show App On Apple Watch’.
This will begin installing the app to your iWatch.
The way that you log cravings and slips-ups is the same as the app on your phone.