5 Healthy Snacks to Help You Deal With Cravings

If you’re in the midst of quitting cigarettes and worried about gaining weight, it’s important to know that this side effect of giving up smoking is common — but definitely avoidable.

It’s been reported that it’s possible to gain 5-10 pounds during the initial months after quitting. This is because cigarettes tend to reduce our appetite, and nicotine can sometimes speed up the metabolism. Combine these two factors with the simple fact that smoking is a repetitive habit, and there can definitely be a void to fill with high-calorie foods after you quit.

However, just because weight gain happens to some people doesn’t mean it has to happen to you, especially if you’re mindful of your exercise and snacking habits. Read on for a few healthy snacks that will help you get through a craving in a quick, nutritious way!

Foods To Help You Quit Smoking

1. Nuts

Full of healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and shown to help reduce bad cholesterol and heart disease, nuts are a super healthy option to reach for when you feel a craving or hunger pang coming on. They’re also extremely portable — throw a small handful in a baggie for a post-lunch snack or for when you’re on the go all day!

2. Yogurt Topped With Fruit

Get your sweet fix without going overboard on sugar! Yogurt contains calcium and protein, as well as gut-healthy probiotics. Add a few pieces of your favorite fruit on top, and you have a yummy treat that’s also a treat for your body! (Just make sure to look for plain or low-sugar yogurt, as many brands can actually be quite sweet.)

3. Veggies With Hummus

Made from mashed chickpeas and a variety of other ingredients (including olive oil and spices), hummus is a nutrient-dense spread that’s high in fiber and rich in protein. Pack a small container of hummus along with some crunchy veggies like carrots and celery sticks, and you have a vegetable-heavy snack that eats like a meal.

4. Jerky and Whole-Grain Crackers

Beef jerky is a portable, easy-to-eat way to get more protein in your life, and it’s also typically low in fat (make sure you’re buying a low-salt brand!). Combine the protein from the jerky with the high fiber and vitamins from whole-grain crackers, and you’ll feel satisfied until dinner!

5. Popcorn

Your favorite movie theater snack is actually good for you — just as long as you avoid slathering it in butter. Plain popcorn is a high-fiber, whole-grain food that may also contain healthy polyphenols (antioxidants). Pop some kernels naturally in a pot with a little bit of coconut oil, herbs, and spices, and you’ve got a portable snack that won’t break the calorie bank.

And for a little extra help when it comes to those nicotine cravings, try incorporating Nicorette’s Coated Nicotine Lozenge into your daily routine. These FDA-approved lozenges provide lasting craving relief even after they dissolve, helping you fight back against cravings, and say goodbye to cigarettes, once and for all!

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