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All about the nicotine patch.

The nicotine patch is a method of nicotine replacement therapy that delivers nicotine through your skin to help reduce withdrawal symptoms, including cigarette cravings, associated with quitting smoking.

A brief history of the patch.

The nicotine patch was first invented by doctors in 1984 at UCLA when they discovered that a transdermal nicotine patch could help people quit smoking. It was the first widely used transdermal medication and has helped millions of smokers give up cigarettes over the last 34 years. Invention Icon No Smoking Icon Patch Icon

Why use the nicotine patch?

The nicotine patch has been proven to double a quitter's chances of success vs a placebo. Unlike nicotine gum or lozenges that you take throughout the day, the nicotine patch is applied daily. This can make for a more simple way to use nicotine replacement therapy for some, especially if you cannot or don’t like to chew gum or suck on lozenges throughout the day. With the patch, you put it on when you wake up and then let it do its job.

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