Why Nicorette?

If it’s your first attempt at quitting smoking – welcome! Nicorette and NicoDerm CQ can help you navigate options to give you control of your cravings, so this quit can be the one that sticks.

Every product is designed to simplify quitting by delivering therapeutic nicotine without the harmful toxins inhaled from smoking. On top of soothing your cravings, the products also come in various forms, flavors and strengths. Explore the different options and find a product to fit your quit.

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Cravings have the power to steal your focus. Get it back with Nicorette Gum – it works fast to relieve cravings, even at inconvenient times. Choose from one of our great-tasting flavors and fight the urge to smoke with lasting power.

Cravings are Hard.

Chewing is Easy.

Delicious Flavors with Lasting Power

A variety of flavor options for a better tasting quit.

Long Lasting Flavor

Convenient relief from nicotine cravings.

Take Anywhere, Anytime

Take it on the go and get on with your day.

Keeps Your Mouth Busy

Give your mouth the relief that chewing provides.

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Discreet craving relief wherever and whenever you need it. Nicorette Lozenge products come in three varieties and dissolve in your mouth, releasing therapeutic nicotine and helping you gradually decrease your dependence over time. Plus, Nicorette Mini Lozenge relieves cravings quickly — in as little as 3 minutes.**
** 4 mg only

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Convenient Craving Relief

Effective, over-the-counter quit smoking cessation aid you can use anywhere.

Dissolves Quickly

If you don’t like chewing gum, lozenges are a great option.

Discreet & Unnoticeable

Helps keep your cravings at bay without anyone knowing.

A Subtle Way to Quit.

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Make this quit be the one that sticks with the help of NicoDerm CQ Patches. There are three steps – start at the strength that suits your habits and step down to a lower dose as you progress.

One Patch Each Day

Keeps the Cravings Away.

Clear Backing

Designed to blend in with your skin and helps prevent nicotine evaporation.

Stays in Place

Sticks to your skin and delivers nicotine to help relieve cravings.**
**Craving relief associated with quitting smoking. Individual results vary.

Consistent and Lasting Nicotine Flow

Unique Extended Release SmartControl® Technology releases a steady flow of nicotine all day long.

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Which Product is Right for You...

Gum, patch or lozenge? Take the quiz to find the right fuel for your quit.

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