What Are the Benefits of Quitting Smoking

The journey to stop smoking can sometimes feel difficult, especially when you experience those intense nicotine withdrawals. But the benefits you experience when you stop smoking are so worth it! From saving money, to lowering your risk of serious illness, deciding to stop smoking can have positive effects throughout many areas of your life.

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Once you finally make the leap to living a smoke-free life, you’ll have a lot of things to look forward to. Here are just a few positive answers to the question: What happens when you stop smoking?

When You Stop Smoking...

Your heart rate and blood pressure decrease

Both your heart rate and blood pressure decrease just 20 minutes after you stop using cigarettes. According to research, a high heart rate may be associated with cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure may lead to heart disease, kidney damage, and even stroke. Deciding to stop smoking may help you avoid serious illnesses down the line.

You'll save money

According to research done in 2017, the average pack of cigarettes in the United States ranges from $4.62 in Missouri to a staggering $10.67 in New York. This means if you smoke one pack a day, you may be spending roughly between $32 and $75 per week. If you ditch the cigarettes, you may be able to save up and afford other things that you find enjoyment in — such as vacations with friends or a certain item of clothing you’ve had your eye on.

You'll breathe more easily

Approximately one to nine months after you stop smoking, you may notice that you are coughing less and experiencing less shortness of breath. This is because during this time, cilia, the small hair-like structures that are in charge of moving the mucus out of your lungs, begin to start working properly again.

You'll be able to spend more time with friends and family

Many public areas, such as eateries and outdoor parks, don’t usually allow smoking, which means you may have been on your own to find a secluded space where smoking is allowed. When you stop smoking, you don’t have to worry about leaving friends or family to go outside to a designated smoking section. In turn, you will have more time around those that you love!

Your risk of smoking-related illnesses drops

Just one year after quitting, your risk of having a heart attack drops significantly, and five years after quitting, your risk of developing cancers of the mouth, bladder, and throat is halved. Staying smoke-free may not always feel easy, but when you look at all the ways it can benefit your daily life, it’s a no brainer!

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