Amazing taste.
Lasting craving relief.

Amazing taste.
Lasting craving relief.

The first and only coated nicotine lozenge.

Taste and texture shouldn’t stand between you and quitting. With the Nicorette Coated Ice Mint Lozenge, you can enjoy bold flavor with a smooth texture and long-lasting craving relief to help you keep your quit going strong.

Convenient & discreet

Nicorette Coated Lozenge comes in a conveniently sized package that you can take anywhere and is almost unnoticeable when being taken. Enjoy a coupon for money off your first pack anywhere Nicorette Coated Ice Mint Lozenge is sold.

How to use Nicorette Coated Ice Mint Lozenge

  • To use, place the lozenge in your mouth, occasionally moving it from side to side.
  • Allow the lozenge to dissolve (about 20–30 minutes) and try to minimize swallowing.
  • Do not chew or swallow.
  • You only need a single lozenge to experience relief—so don’t take multiple at once or continually use one after another.

Nicotine replacement therapies are medicine, so it’s important to use them safely. Make sure to follow all the directions on the package and check with your doctor if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure, or if you’re pregnant.

Side effects may include:

  • Unexpected cravings or urges for cigarettes
  • Anxiety, irritability, restlessness, mood changes, nervousness
  • Drowsiness
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Increased appetite and weight gain
  • Headaches, muscular pain, constipation, fatigue

Stop use and consult your doctor, if:

  • Mouth problems occur
  • Persistent indigestion or severe sore throat occurs
  • Irregular heartbeat or palpitations occur
  • You get symptoms of nicotine overdose such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, weakness, or rapid heartbeat
  • You have symptoms of an allergic reaction (such as difficulty breathing or rash)
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