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Preparing to quit with NicoDerm CQ.

You’ve made the decision to quit. Congratulations! That’s a huge step. One of the best things you can do now is plan out your quit and prepare for the road ahead.

The NicoDerm CQ quit checklist.

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1. Pick up NicoDerm CQ.

Make sure to buy your NicoDerm® CQ® before you start your quit. That way you’ll have it ready when the big day comes.

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2. Pick a date.

Pick the day you want to quit. Mark it on the calendar and start using NicoDerm CQ on that day.

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3. Let loved ones know you're quitting.

Friends and family can play a big part in your quit. Ask them for support, they can help you get through the tough moments.

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4. Remove smoking reminders.

Tossing out your cigarettes, ashtrays, matches, and lighters can help you stay smoke-free. It also helps clear the air of cigarette smoke in your house and car.

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5. Identify your triggers.

Triggers are the things that make you want to smoke. Everyone has their own. Knowing what triggers your cravings is the first step to avoiding slip-ups.

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6. Develop coping strategies

Even with NicoDerm CQ there will still be moments when you want a cigarette. Develop coping strategies like calling a friend or humming a tune to take your mind off of smoking.

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7. Sign up for support.

Pairing up your NicoDerm CQ with a support program is a great way to boost your chances of success. MyQuit works in tandem with NicoDerm CQ to help you stay strong.

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