How to Avoid Peer Pressure When it Comes to Smoking

We all want to fit in, and for a lot of people who start smoking when they’re younger, peer pressure to “be like everybody else” or to “seem cool” can be behind their decision to pick up their first cigarette. Likewise, many of us continue to smoke in social situations because it helps us feel like we’re a part of something or less awkward around people we don’t know.

If you’ve recently made the decision to quit cigarettes, it can be difficult to deal with certain situations that used to involve you holding a smoke — especially if there are people in your life who constantly ask you to come outside and have a cigarette with them. Whether it’s coworkers or friends at the bar, here are a few ways to talk to people who always want you to smoke with them.

How to Talk to Friends Who Ask You to Smoke With Them

Be specific

Since more smokers, casual or not, know that cigarettes are unhealthy, it’s probably not enough to simply say that you’re quitting because cigarettes are bad. Try being more specific. If you’ve found it hard to climb up a few flights of stairs without wheezing, explain that. If your doctor gave you a hard time at your last check-up, tell them what it was like to hear those words. If your teeth have been making you feel self conscious, let them know how big of an impact that’s had on you.

Talk about your family

It may feel overwhelming to defend yourself when there’s a group of people trying to get you to do something, but explaining that you’re making this decision for your family is a great way to get friends and coworkers on board right away — after all, everyone has family members they care about! If your kids, spouse, or parents have been asking you to quit, tell your friends about those conversations.

Look forward

If you’ve got friends or coworkers who are constantly asking you to smoke with them, instead of spending time defending yourself or your decisions (after all, it’s ultimately no one’s business but yours!) change the subject. Talk about how much you’re looking forward to spending the money you used to spend on cigarettes on something awesome, or how you can’t wait until your clothes no longer smell like smoke. Putting a positive spin on your decision may help others see the light!

Leave judgement at the door

Just because you’ve made the decision to stop smoking doesn’t mean your friends have made it there yet, and we all know how annoying it can be when someone lectures us about the dangers of cigarettes. Do your best to show your friends or coworkers that just because you’ve made a choice doesn’t mean you’re going to suddenly start preaching at them about their actions. Everybody arrives at the decision to quit in their own time!

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