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Find quit support all around you.

While using NicoDerm® CQ® can double your chances of quitting successfully, building a 360° support team can give you even more of an advantage.**

Build your quit support team.

When you’re quitting smoking, you need support that’s there for you both emotionally and physiologically. Creating a support team you can rely on can help prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead. Here are some great places to find help:


Family and friends

Whether it’s your spouse or partner, your kids, or a friend, the ones you love can be great motivators during your quit.

Successful quitters

Successful quitters

Ex-smokers can let you know what you may encounter as your quit progresses and share the tips that helped them quit.

Online Resources

Online resources

Blogs and websites are a great source for information and support during your quit.

Email support programs

Email support programs

Email support programs like MyQuit™ can help by delivering encouragement and tips straight to your inbox.

My Quit App

The MyQuit App

Get support right when you need it. Apps, like MyQuit™, can help track your progress and log cravings as well as give advice and distractions to avoid slip-ups.

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