Rev up your quit

A pep talk from Dale

Getting to a place where cigarettes didn’t control my life was the best thing that ever happened to me. It's not easy to do. But I did it, and you can too. That’s why I’m proud to partner with Nicorette today—because I believe their products, like Nicorette Coated Ice Mint Lozenge, can support you through all the ups and downs of the journey. Give Nicorette a try and let it help power your quit.

Dale’s journey

Find out how Dale made the decision to quit smoking and see how he's helping smokers get their quit started with Nicorette Coated Ice Mint Lozenge on the Taste Test Drive.

Smoking is so many things to people—your gaming buddy, drinking buddy, etc. I had to quit a lot of the activities that I associated with smoking.


—Dale Earnhardt Jr. 

Dale quit smoking by giving up the activities that triggered his habit. But for most people, it’s almost impossible to avoid triggers altogether. During those tough moments, the amazing taste and long-lasting relief of Nicorette Coated Ice Mint Lozenge can help you shift gears away from smoking.

The path to zero
White Ice Mint flavored Nicorette gum

Amazing Taste

Box of coated White Ice Mint Nicorette gum

Craving relief has never tasted so good with the bold ice mint flavor of Nicorette Coated Lozenge.

Fruit Chill flavored Nicorette gum

Long-Lasting Relief

Box of coated Fruit Chill Nicorette gum

The long-lasting craving relief of Nicorette Coated Lozenge can help you through strong cravings.

Cinnamon Surge flavored Nicorette gum

Smooth Texture

Box of coated Cinnamon Surge Nicorette gum

Nicorette Coated Lozenge has an outer shell that gives it a smoother texture, unlike any other nicotine lozenge.

Spearmint Burst flavored Nicorette gum


Box of coated Spearmint Burst Nicorette gum

Coated technology gives Nicorette Coated Lozenge a great taste all the way through.

Fresh Mint flavored Nicorette gum

Convenient &

Box of coated Fresh Mint Nicorette gum

Nicorette Coated Lozenges are small for discreet use and you can take the conveniently-sized pack with you anywhere.

Giving up old habits linked to smoking can be difficult. But if you slip back into old patterns, don’t beat yourself up! Get back to it by letting Nicorette Coated Ice Mint Lozenge help you get back on track.  

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