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MyQuit: A Quit Smoking App

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You’re more likely to succeed in quitting smoking for good with a personalized support program in place.i The MyQuit quit smoking app from Nicorette is your personalized quit smoking support app. MyQuit is always on hand to provide on-the-go support for your quit. Use the MyQuit app to keep you motivated, track cravings and get access to proven quit support that can help you on the path to success.

The MyQuit app works with Apple and Android devices.

Download MyQuit from the Google Play Store.

Download MyQuit from the Apple App Store.

MyQuit Quit Smoking App Benefits

MyQuit is your handy quit support app for Apple and Google Android smartphones and tablets. It works to offer quit smoking support when you need it most, and is personalized just to you. MyQuit celebrates your successes and achievements, helps you beat cravings and is your quit companion on your phone.

  • Quit support via app – get motivated with financial savings data and health benefits from your quit to help you stop smoking for good.
  • Personalized for you – track craving triggers and get support tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Provides motivation – MyQuit’s clear layout makes it easy to check your progress, and you can talk to others for a motivation boost within MyQuit communities.
  • Tracks and analyzes cravings – track your cravings over time so you can see improvements on your path to quit success.
  • Works alongside nicotine replacement products – MyQuit works seamlessly with nicotine replacement products such as Nicorette Gum to improve your chances of quitting success.

Learn more about how Nicorette products work to help improve your chances of quitting smoking by soothing the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

MyQuit Quit Smoking App Features

MyQuit lets you set your quit goals and provides tailored advice and support just for you.

  • Accurate at-a-glance data – up-to-date information on how many days, minutes and seconds you’ve been cigarette-free and how many cigarettes you’ve avoided.
  • Money and health success – get motivated with how your quit is improving your health and how much money you’ve saved.
  • Crack cravings – GPS tracking that pinpoints the locations and times you’re most likely to suffer a craving.
  • Community connection – people power to support your quit with access to real-time support from other quitters who understand exactly what you’re going through.

MyQuit App Is Personalized to Your Quit

  • Set your goals – whether going cold turkey or gradually decreasing your daily nicotine intake with Nicorette products, MyQuit can set and track your own quit smoking goals.
  • Works with Nicorette – track the Nicorette products that you’re using to receive personalized support.
  • What’s your why? – set your ‘what’s your why?’ wallpaper to show an image that provides you with the inspiration and motivation to quit smoking – from pictures of family members to a dream holiday.
  • Track cravings – reach for MyQuit when cravings strike to track and analyze the locations and times you’re most likely to need extra help in the form of reminders and distractions.

How MyQuit App can Help With Your Quit

Download MyQuit, create a profile and choose your goals – three steps that can help as you quit. By tracking your progress and achievements, MyQuit both motivates and inspires. Research shows that a combination of behavior support programs and medication such as nicotine replacement products is an effective way to quit smoking, increasing the chance of success to between 70 percent and 100 percenti (compared to just brief advice or support).