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When used as directed, Nicorette gums and lozenges can Double Your Chances of Quitting.* Read on to learn the hows and whys of this proven effective method.

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How it works

Effective Craving Relief

Nicorette provides effective craving relief* by delivering a controlled amount of nicotine to your system. This “clean” nicotine is delivered slowly, in small amounts, to soothe your nicotine cravings. As you use Nicorette, your body gradually adjusts to getting less nicotine, until you no longer need any at all. By helping to relieve nicotine cravings, Nicorette lets you focus on addressing the triggers that link cigarettes to so many of your daily activities.

Why Use Nicorette?

Situational cravings or “triggers” are those moments when you used to reach for a cigarette. Having your morning coffee. Walking the dog. Out with friends. You get the idea. When you reach for Nicorette instead, you’re providing your body with the nicotine it craves, but at a slower, less intense pace than cigarettes.

In addition, you can reduce the amount of nicotine you get per day, by having fewer pieces throughout the day, per the package instructions, as you continue your quit.

As Nicorette helps you overcome the physical effects of quitting smoking, the number, intensity and duration of your trigger moments gradually disappear.

Why Does Nicorette Work?

When you chew Nicorette Gum or suck on a Nicorette Lozenge or mini Lozenge, a low level of nicotine is absorbed through the lining of your mouth to help relieve cravings. By helping to reduce your nicotine intake and focus on changing your behaviors, Nicorette can double your chances of successfully quitting.*

* Doubles your chances of quitting vs. placebo. Use as directed. Behavioral support program increases chances of success. Many people require several quit attempts to stop smoking. This product is part of a 12 week program.